The Heights – Canada’s Largest Passive House Building  VIDEO

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A discussion on the largest passive house building project in Canada and the challenges faced.

The largest Passive House project in Canada is under construction in the East Hastings corridor of Vancouver Heights. The project is named The Heights and is a six-story mixed-use building that will feature retail space on the first level and 85 units of rental housing above.

“A Passive House is special because it is a more comfortable building to live in than a typical building. It doesn’t have drafts, it has fresh air, it isn’t cold near the windows, and it uses 10% of the heating energy for a typical building,” says Scott Kennedy, principal of Cornerstone Architecture.

As Vancouver advances toward its goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from new buildings by 2030, projects like the Heights are paving the way. This building is 90 percent more efficient than a typical project and contains a state-of-the-art heat recovery ventilation system.

The Passive House Boom Is Underway!

This video features an interview with:

Scott Kennedy, P.Eng, B.Arch
Principal of Cornerstone Architecture