Climate Change Risks and Opportunities  VIDEO

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This panel delves deeper into the real implications behind a changing climate, what this means in terms of practical solutions and risks, and new approaches to development that take this reality into consideration. The focus is on solutions, innovation and technology, with special emphasis on Vancouver as a coastal city. Panelists will discuss the “what”: what is being done to reach the goals of the “why”, the regulatory framework needed, and practical points on what a realistic approach to this challenge looks like.


  • Brittany Coughlin - Principal, Energy & Sustainability Specialist at RDH Group


  • Peter Moonen - Leader, Sustainability Coalition, Sustainability Coordinator at Canadian Wood Council / Wood WORKS!
  • Ralf Nielsen - Managing Director Advisory & Sustainability Services at Colliers Project Leaders
  • Carla Guerrera - Founding Principal & CEO at Purpose Driven Development, Planning & Strategy

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